Who made your clothes?

Who made my clothes? Do you ever wonder? Extremely important to know. Because yes, clothes come from a factory. And yes, machines are used there. But every machine, no matter how advanced, is operated by human hands. And everyone should know that.

The fact that people are crucial in the production of clothing is often forgotten. And unfortunately people in this industry don’t always work under good conditions. Large producers and chains can really make a difference. But a better world still starts with you. So we are very proud that we can lead by example and work with a production facility in Bulgaria where the employees work under good working conditions.

To visualize the human aspect of the clothing industry the Fashion Revolution Movement was founded. The Fashion Revolution movement mobilizes citizens, industry and policy makers around a shared vision: a global fashion industry that sustains and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. Fashion Revolution Week is when we come together as a global community to create a better fashion industry.

During the annual fashion Revolution Week, producers, labels and shops are challenged to be transparent about who makes the clothes they sell. We would also like to introduce our workers in Bulgaria to you. A team that works on our collection with a lot of love and pleasure ♥︎

Love, ME



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